Ready, Set, Train.

Join us for a four week, triathlon training series that will help prepare you for the race of your dreams. Held at the Melvin Ford Aquatic Center at Memorial Park in Bentonville, come train with us on Mondays, July29-August 19, from 6-8pm. Ages 11 and up are welcome.



  • 4 Week Triathlon Training Series$95
  • 4 Week Triathlon Training Series$100
  • Bentonville Public School District is sponsoring a para triathlete training series for kids ages 6-18. Each child will be paired with a buddy for the 5 week training series where they will learn the basics of triathlon that will prepare them for TriFest weekend. The Para training series will take place on Saturdays 8-10am. This series is FREE.
Week 1 - Swim Focus

Let’s dive in. Week 1 will focus on the first leg of triathlon, swimming! Whether you are new to the sport of swimming or come with lots of experience in the pool, night 1 will teach you every thing from the basic skills to more advanced triathlon specific skills. You will also be given your 5-week training plan and training swag bag based on which distance you hope to compete come race day.

Bring: Swim Suit, Goggles and Towel

Time to crank it up! In week 2, we focus on the second leg of triathlon, biking.

Bonus! Swimming training will be offered this night following the bike session for anyone interested in continuing to improve their skills in the pool.

Bring: Bike, Helmet and Swim Gear

Move those legs; pump those arms. For week 3, we focus on the third leg of triathlon, running.

Bring: Running Shoes, Bike, Bike Shoes, Swim Suit, Helmet, Goggles

Mock tri time! This is the best part of the training series. We conduct the evening as an official triathlon race. We treat it just like race day so you can emulate what you will do on race day. All participants come together at Memorial Park in Bentonville to partake.

We finish with a training series class dedication that is the heart, sole and mission of our Foundation and training series of the past. At the end of week 4, you will be a triathlete and if you already are one, you’ll be an even better one!

Bring: Swim Suit, Goggles, Bike, Helmet and Running Shows

Week 1 - July 20: 8-10am
Week 2 - July 27: 8-10am
Week 3 - August 3: 8-10am
Week 4 - Aug 10: 8-10am
Mock Tri - Monday Aug 19: 6pm

Take their word for it...

The training series helped me build confidence, connect with other like-minded individuals, and grow both physically and mentally stronger.

Cassandra Hamaker, Multi Sport Athlete


Just in time for my 30th birthday, I finally learned how to swim and it was at last years training series. I was the one blowing bubbles that first night, trying to get over the anxiety of just being in the water. The coaches were SO patient and super helpful. By the end of summer, I was a fish!

Alex Bornkessel, First Time Athlete


The first time I considered doing a triathlon was that first year of the Trifest. I didn't even know how to swim! I came to the training session and met Jo, and I figured if she can do what she does with a smile on her face, then I could do a tri. She is still smiling, and I am still racing!

Doug Drummonds, Seasoned Triathlete