If you’re not familiar with multiple sclerosis (MS), triathlon, or paratriathlon here are a few important things to know:

• The Trifest for MS is one of the few triathlons in the country that offers this race class. We are sanctioned by the USAT (which oversees triathlons in the USA) as an event that is skilled and equipped to handle the special needs of these athletes.
• The Trifest for MS is in partnership with the Bentonville School District and the district provides an annual grant which allows the Rampy MS Research Foundation to train, equip, and pay for the entry of athletes in this category. The grant has provided up to 50 athletes to participate each year.
• Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition that falls into the paratriathlete classification. Other areas that are also included are autism, cerebral palsy, and intellectual / learning disabilities.
• Some of these athletes are allowed to use three-wheeled bikes, recumbent bikes, and training wheels depending on their physical abilities.

Paratriathletes are provided up to two race personnel as assistants to complete some parts of the event depending on the physical abilities of the athlete. Some paratriathletes are allowed to have a guide with them for the entire race. Assistants and guides are not able to help the athlete advance their position while on the course. We want everyone to be safe, have fun, and play fairly.