Alumnus Shares Encouragement Forward


Introducing the Logan’s Hope Award

We are pleased to announce that this year, in memory of a special little boy, one individual will receive the Logan’s Hope Award.

This award includes, a fully paid entry to the training series, and a fully paid entry to the sprint or super sprint (racers choice). This is a sponsorship from the Rohrbach family, to celebrate and remember Logan’s life on his birthday. To be considered for this award, please send a short paragraph, explaining why you want to tri to: Winner will be announced on Logan’s birthday, July 8th, 2016.

A special note from Melly Rohrbach:
My first triathlon was at the TRIFEST for MS in 2013. It had been 4 years since I lost my first born to a degenerative disease. I spent many years masking the pain, through food, work, having children, and being busy. I found myself in a deep need to over-haul my life. The pain of being nearly 300 pounds outweighed the pain and shame of the embarrassment I felt for getting that way.

So I started running. Sometimes the pain would chase me, the tears would overwhelm me, and I would try to out run them. I learned to surrender, I learned to find empowerment in doing things I never thought would be possible. I finally felt like I was fulfilling my promise to my son: that I would not be a wasted life. Each run was a step towards my healing, towards hope. Hope that I could change, that I could learn to love myself. That I could forgive myself for the way I treated myself. That I could do anything, and anything was possible, simply because I choose it.

TRIFEST for MS is a special event. For me, it represents healing, empowerment, and hope. We all have a story, every person who toes that start line, has a story of why they are there. I toe the line for my son, I toe the line because he never will. I toe the line for hope, because I believe in the transformative power of facing our fears. The transformative power of someone believing in you, encouraging you, when you sometimes don’t believe in yourself. This award is to give someone else that chance, to experience this event of transformation, encouragement and hope.

One of our first training series graduates who went on to do the #TRIFEST4MS and also particate as a member of Team Endurance for MS, Melly has left a unique and cherished fingerprint on our foundation. Her voice for encouragement has been an inspiration in what we can do together. Thank you Melly and the Rohrbach family for continuing to share this encouragement forward!

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