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Team Endurance for MS Makes Strides #Fundracing4MS

This year team members come from 4 States (including AR, MO, IL, and CA), 3 clubs, and number over 70! That’s double the number in one year! Our focus has been on more group training, more representation, more funds raised, and more fun! I believe we have had huge success. Just last month we combined efforts for a Gift Card Raffle and through Facebook went from $300 raised, to $3,000 within 24 hours! What?! Through our Pure Charity Fundraising Webpage, we have raised $25,000, as of August 8, and will hit our goal of $30,000!

From Ironmans… Our Team Captain, Ryan Dagley, set the bar high by registering for Ironman Coeur D’Alene on August 21 and raising over $5,000 right out of the gate. He has competed throughout the season with strength, speed, integrity, and joy; all traits we hope to exemplify as a team. Several of our athletes are racing Ironman distances. Doug Drummonds just successfully completed Vineman! Shelby Franklin and Adam Dawson are competing in Ironman races within the next few months. Check out Ryan (left) and Shelby (right), reppin’ their team swag and top finishes!

But we aren’t all Ironmen.

To Ironwills… Most of us are relatively new to triathlon, committing to completing our first! And came to the sport through Team Endurance for MS. Having someone close to them afflicted with MS and learning that The Rampy MS Research Foundation has successfully raised large amounts of money, checks they hand directly to the doctors studying MS at the University of Arkansas, inspired them to do something scary. Something new and something hard. They are one of the many catalysts that move our team, that keep us going, that get us through the training and the fundraising.

Another catalyst behind our unity and drive are the team members who, themselves, have MS. And they don’t let it stop them.

Our Team is made up of big and small, rookies and vets, near and far, physically healthy and physically fighting. We strive to represent The Rampy MS Research Foundation through our examples in our communities, in racing, through volunteering, and through a Nationwide effort to raise awareness, to recruit support, to raise money, and to find a cure! We believe in The Rampy MS Research Foundation, in Scott and Jo, in our Team, and in the good people surrounding us.


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